Me and myself
30 days

A lot can happen between this period of time. It depends most of how you are enjoying your days ;)

I just have good things to say about my last 30 days.

Most of us probably have heard the quote that says: “Life it is made of ups and downs, because when it becomes flat means that we are dead.” Followed by an eco cardiogram picture. I also believe that life will be always happy and sad moments (It doesn’t mean that after a happy moment happen it will be always followed by a sad one and vice versa.).

I really believe in balance not just in life, but everywhere. I have to be very honest I don’t know if there are articles or researches about it. But I strongly accept it as true.

Each day I have more real examples of how balanced our life are.

Oh god this disappointment feeling … It’s been a while since last time I’ve felt it. And I really don’t miss it. However sometimes we can’t avoid it. It is just one thing that happens and you have to learn how to live with it. Because the saddest part of all this disappointment thing it is that usually those that you never thought that would make it to you are just those that does… 

One day we stop to think about those things that you did in the past and realize that on that time you did things that you thought that you had to. And even if the result were not what you expected, you have learn something from it. 

People come and people go …

Funny thing, just realize that 2 friends will travel soon and in a while 2 friends will be back home. Everyday more confident that life is balance.