Me and myself

One day we stop to think about those things that you did in the past and realize that on that time you did things that you thought that you had to. And even if the result were not what you expected, you have learn something from it. 

People come and people go …

Funny thing, just realize that 2 friends will travel soon and in a while 2 friends will be back home. Everyday more confident that life is balance.

Ladies car in Brazil ?

This week there were some news about guys that take advantage of girls in crowd places such as subway cars. It is a fact that in rush hours subway and buses become very crowd, like 10 person in 1 square meter, but guys take advantage of this situation it is nasty. The police is following groups on the web with guys that does it and post their “experiences”. And projects to make this act like crime will take a lot of time until it becomes true (if it became). And after watch this news I’ve remembered one simple thing that the japan to avoid the same problem: Ladies Car. It’s quite simple, in rush hours there are special cars when just women can ride. Here this kind of thing would work? I think that the test is worth …

One last letter?


How are you?

These are the two sentences that I always use to write in our letters. I still use them and that it is exactly what I’d like to ask you now: ‘How are you?’

From the botton of my heart I really hope that you are good, enjoying your life. It’s been a while since last time we chat and much more time when we last met. I’m fine so hope you are just fine too.

I know that last time we chat, it was not the greatest talk we had and I know that I was not so kind with you, but I was completely honest and sincerely. Thinking about it now, I don’t know if it was the best way to tell you what I told you, but on that moment. That was the right thing to be done in my head.

From time to time life just makes me remember you and everything that happenned between us. It can just be an advise to ‘remember this  and don’t screw up again’ or just coincidence, who knows ?

Some part of me would like to know how are you and what are you doing, because I’m very safe about my feelings and the past. And the other one it just don’t care anymore. I can say its a draw so thats why thing are this way.

One last letter, is it worth?

Little chat for (not) hard workers
After so much time without writing something here I kind of miss it.
So here I am writing a little chat.
A: Hey dude! How are you doing?
B: Fine bro! How about you?
A: Very good man! Looks like things are just on the right way now.
B: That is a really good news! What happenned ?
A: These days I've met so much interesting people, had a good time with them and I think that I have good chances to get a new job very soon.
B: Wow! I kind of envy you, I wish my life was so good as yours ...
A: Really? What you mean? Something bad happenned ?
B: In fact I don't think so. It's just I've being working so hard that I have no time to hang out with my friends. I miss them. That is probably why I'm little envy.
A: Oh don't say that! You know that last year I've spend my hole seeking for a job and I couldn't make it. And if you are working so hard these days it means that it will pay off later.
B: Do you believe in these quotes?
A: Of course dude! Last year I've worked hard in some subjects and I was not sure if it would pay later. But If I didn't try I would never know. Sometimes we just have to do more than we think it is necessary.
B: That was deep man, I think you are right. I will keep going too.
A: Nice and if is there something that I can do to help you, please let me know.
B: Sure, you too!
A: I'm starved let's grab some food?
B: Yes! I know a cool place close to here.